My Legacy has Paws, Whiskers and Heart

What I know from years of helping others discover their legacy, is that there is always something in your past that drives what matters most to you. I am no exception.

People are intrigued that I am so committed to making a difference in animal welfare. How does a mild mannered CPA/financial advisor turn into a crazy critter lady?  

The short answer, it's my past. Caring about pets is deeply embedded in my personal story. As a teenager, at the untimely death of my father, I had a dog (Oly) that adored me. During my cancer my little poodle (Max) never left my side. And that made all the difference.

Now I work as hard as I can to make sure that that anyone who needs the unconditional love of a pet can experience it - and that every pet with love to give gets a chance to share it.  

Seattle Humane photo

Seattle Humane photo

Case in point, this is Tesla. This beautiful little guy was abandoned sick and hungry at only four weeks of age.  Because of the incredible dedication of the folks at Seattle Humane, Tesla got the care he needed and went on to become a beloved member of someone's family. Isn't that just how it ought to be? How could I not work to make that happen?

People can argue (and they do) about whether some legacies are more "worthy" than others. I am often asked, why animals and not people? I think that question misses the point.  First of all, I believe that my efforts are about people because I have no doubt that people's lives are better with pets in them. But beyond that the important question is this - what makes a legacy yours? One thing is clear, it is not about what other people think. It is all about what it is your heart. If you listen to your heart your legacy will appear. These animals are in my heart, so by working on their behalf, I am living my legacy every day.

What is in your heart?